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Contractors… “Picture A Project” … and Homeowners… “Picture Your Yard” and its myriad possibilities… with 3D imaging and animations!


3D imaging and rendering projects – including 3D screenshots and animation walk-through videos – are really best-suited for higher-end contractor customers and upscale home-owning technology aficionados who want to go beyond 2D (PhotoShop-like) images of a front or backyard.

Both our 2D imaging and 3D projects show landscapes, pavers, hardscapes (in 3D currently Belgard and Unilock pavers and walls), and more, however, 3D renderings give you the added benefit of easily seeing spaces from all sides including from up above.  It is a way to intriguingly envision the angles and approaches extra curb appeal offers a residence or business.

Please watch this customized video of a 3D project completed for Go Pavers… Virtual Showroom (Demo Garden) to get an idea of the 3D potential:

View additional screenshots of this project here: GoPavers Demo Garden (Virtual Showroom)

As you can see, a customized 3D rendering video with animated walkthroughs, may be the solution to helping your clients (or family and interested friends) really “see” what a yard’s been missing and what an outdoor “dream” home could actually look like. 

3D Design Process…

If you would like us to create an inspiring, realistic and interactive 3D design of your customer’s project or personal yard, please see the process and pricing suggestions down below. 

Step One:
Identifying Project Scope & Photo Ideas…

Send us photos of the yard, descriptions of what you would like to create, digital site plans (if you have them), simple sketches on top of photos, or even in hand-sketched drawings. If you have manufacturer paver style and color preferences in mind, please send us a link to the manufacturer and/or distributor website so we can “see” what you really like.

It helps to have these kinds of details so we can get an idea of the project scope. 

(Also, send your phone number so we can chat together about your project.)

We will listen to all your ideas and suggest a few of ours (from a designing a “sacred space” and garden oasis perspective).  Together, we’ll come up with a rough sketch of the property with a focus on the areas designated for hardscape and landscape changes.   

By the way, taking accurate site measurements and photographs (at your end) – especially photographs of odd anomalies or elevations –are an integral part of the 3D design process. 

We can also send you a link to a shared Dropbox or Google Drive Folder to make it easier to send us large, high-resolution photos that might otherwise choke an email system.

QUESTION:  What design concepts already appeal to you? 

It’s been our experience that communicating outdoor design ideas, back and forth, with either public or private photo collections of preferred styles – with either Houzz Ideabooks or Pinterest Boards – is amazingly helpful in narrowing down design choices. 

Do check out our Ideabooks and Boards:

Houzz - DJSquire Designs Ideabooks

Pinterest  - DJSquire Designs Boards


Step Two:
Estimated Project Price…

Some contractors and homeowners are looking for a full hardscape and accented landscape design in both the front and back yards, while others are simply needing direction on redesigning the look of a specific space, such as a driveway and front walkway area, an extended back patio with multiple levels including steps, a new pool deck with Jacuzzi, retaining walls and planter beds, a fireplace or fire pit gathering area, a complete outdoor kitchen area, waterfalls and ponds, and more.  You get the idea.

Whatever the case, DJSquire Designs can create the 3D design that's right for you.

To commence the actual 3D design for a given property, once the project scope is determined, a pricing quote will be estimated for each project.

For 3D design projects, DJSquire Designs requires a 50% deposit with the final 50% due upon 3D project completion, and before a downloadable URL will be made available of the project’s simple video animation.
Prices are based on job size and complexity. (See 3D rendering costs below.) 

Invoicing will be done through PayPal where you can make a payment via your own PayPal account, a major credit or debit card such as Visa or MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.  In addition, you can also opt for a PayPal linked checking account payment, or even a PayPal payment plan (choose to finance qualifying purchases of $99 or more if paid in full within 6 months).

Average 3D Job Cost: = $222.00 - $888.00 (or more for extensive properties)

(If you wanted to spend under $99.00 then perhaps the 2D imaging pricing is better suited to your needs.)


BASIC 3D Projects – Specific Hardscape/Landscape Area

Range = $222.00 to $333.00 – 3D Project modeling/raw animation rendering - Around 4 to 6 hours

Additional change requests (not the simple ones) @ $55.00 per hour




See additional screenshots for this project: "Curved Patio - Circle Spa"

(Simple Video Walkthroughs will be added soon.) 

If necessary, your design will be revised and refined at the standard hourly rate.

COMPLEX 3D Projects – Backyard Only or Front Yard Only Areas

Range = $444.00 to $777.00 – 3D Project modeling/raw animation rendering - Between 8 to 12 hours

Additional change requests (beyond basic ones) @ $55.00 per hour



Take a look at more of this project's screenshots: "Reflecting Ponds



Or... see more of this project's screenshots: "Backyard Squared

(Simple Video Walkthroughs will be added soon.) 

CUSTOM 3D Project – Whole House Elevations, Front, Back and Side Yards

Range = $777.00 to $1,222.00 – 3D Project modeling/raw animation rendering - usually 14 to 22+ hours

Additional change requests (beyond simple ones) @ $55.00 per hour




Take a look at this whole house project's screenshots: "Encino Home - Revised"

And this earlier screenshots collection... before design changes: "Encino Home"


For an exceptionally Complex entire 3D property – including House, Front Yard, Side Yards, Backyard, Hillside Slopes, and more – a 3D Modeling/Rendering project could range between $1,111.00 to $1,555.00


Step Three:
Getting Started On Your 3D Project…

With the 50% prepayment, you can expect the turnaround time on your 3D project – again depending upon complexity – to be one week to ten days (or faster).

Each 3D hardscape & landscape design rendering includes multiple digital screenshots of your project (that you can see and download as the project progresses) and about a one minute simple HD virtual tour of your final project. (We can also create a more customized animation video with company logos displayed and preferred music depending upon copyright status.)

To see additional DJSquire Designs VisionScape 3D projects visit:



Please send us an email, or call:


VISIONSCAPE 3D DEMO  Want to try out the 3D software yourself?

For 3D renderings and walk-throughs we use the VisionScape 3D software, Professional version. Contractors (and homeowners) can test-out a free 15-day trial at VisionScape.com

(We do get “brownie points” if you let them know DJSquire Designs referred you. Thanks.)

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