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A Bit of Background…

DJSquire Designs is personal dream of mine and the outgrowth of over 25-years working on more conventional computer imaging designs for landscape architects, contractors, architects, building designers, and interior designers, and not typically directly with homeowners. 

In addition, several years were concentrated on creating AutoCAD working drawings for both home remodeling and new construction projects – developing site plans, elevations, section plans, details, etc., (in other words “the blueprints”) – and spent some impatient hours waiting (and waiting) in various city Planning Departments during plan check submissions and the lengthy construction document approval process.  

Basically… been there… done that… got the T-shirt.  

The upshot?  

Way prefer making “pretty” pictures and helping people visualize their own dreams (newly with a “shades of green” twist). 

Contractors & Designers…

If you are a contractor or designer, in addition to working with you and your company on creating computer images, design ideas, and digital renderings, to assist in better communicating design plans with your potential clients, we also continue to sell Depiction Software’s Hardscape Imaging Software or Deco-Con Imaging Software for hardscape/paver/landscape and/or decorative concrete contractors. 

We offer computer imaging, estimating, and night lighting software for contractors, distributors, and manufacturers within those specific niche markets (a.k.a Diane... at... Depiction).

(Later, we'll offer other kinds of imaging software options.) 

Meanwhile, keeping it simple and sticking to what one knows is best, is a great rule of thumb. 

In life, and in business.



As you’ll discover by exploring, the focus with this “in-process" website is to offer a service-based business working on computer imaging projects.  We're expecting to work directly with homeowners, mostly in and around the local Ojai, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Carpenteria, Oxnard, and greater Southern California areas.

(Note to Self... must remember... the world... is our oyster... and we're all connected.)

Imaging helps when you have difficulty conceptualizing what changes might look like to the exterior and interior spaces of your own home and gives you the ability to easily communicate design ideas, as a homeowner to a contractor, or to interested family & friends.


Location, Location, Location…

DJSquire Designs is located in Ojai, California, which is nestled in a magical valley that wants to grow up to be a Transition Town, someday. 

Lush and lovely, after the spring rains, the Ojai Valley transforms, like most of Southern California into a hot, dry, and semi-arid climate. 

(Thankfully it's about 12 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean so when it cools down at night we get great sunsets, relief, and a "pink moment" reflecting off the Topa Topa mountains.)

Our location dictates more of an outdoor computer imaging project focus on climate appropriate gardens, increasingly on more edible landscaping, ocean friendly gardens, and on ways to gracefully live outdoors.

Although homeowner projects tend to occur within the local Southern California area -- Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles counties – since pictures are a universal language, it doesn’t really matter where this company is based. 

A good thing.  (I like to travel.) 

As long as digital cameras are ubiquitous, the Internet is up, and email works, projects can span the globe from Australia, to Canada, to England, to South Africa, to Brazil... and back again... to California.

So, if you’re not local, no worries… send in a photo… and let’s see what digital visions we can create together.


Finally… A BIO (of sorts)…

(Written in the 3rd person... the result of *ancient* English major training... or latent MBA-speak.)


Diane J. Squire, M.B.A. 

~~~  DJSquire Designs / Depiction Software

Currently (as an independent contractor), Diane sells 2D computer imaging software for contractors and working with computer imaging consulting clients, predominantly in the landscape, hardscape/paver, decorative concrete, and building industries.  

(Playing around with 3D software too.)

For over 24 years –  since 1988 – she’s worked (off and on) in the computer imaging industry with New Image Industries, Design Imaging Group (DIG), and Depiction Software, training and interpreting numerous small landscape contractor’s designs, then on up to larger-scale computer imaging projects with companies such as Southern California Edison (hiding electrical substations with images depicting sufficient landscaping) and even with Toyota Motors (showing what new signage would look like on auto dealership buildings). 

During a time-out from computer imaging (and a few years back), she served as a Director of Marketing and Communications for Indiana University’s School of Library and Information Science.  

At another point (while tired of left-brain overload) Diane switched to studying and becoming a Feng Shui and Space Clearing Practitioner, teaching workshops on the art of placement, shifting energy in homes, and in helping people in creating their own "Sacred Spaces." 

Got great stories to tell while living in Idyllwild (yet another intriguing community).

Additional classes/workshops were offered on mixing intentional, essential oil (aromatherapy) Bagua oil blends to compliment the scent of place. 

Balance in all things, eh?


Prior to 1988...

Actually a unique, turning-point event, happened late 1987 that changed Diane's world view.

(Another Note to Self... gotta finish writing the book!)

Originally hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area's "Silicon Valley" in Northern California, that high intensity “geo-location” colored her world as a high-tech gypsy. 

She has an eclectic, personal computer and software-oriented background that includes working in the online information field back in the olden days of early DOS, luggable computers, and 300-baud modems (ancient PC history).  

Early on in her professional career she worked for a San Francisco-based pioneering Information Broker, The Information Store. There, becoming enamored with the globally empowering nature of electronic information access, her love of searching for and researching information in all its myriad forms, has continued unabated.

Diane has often referred to herself as an "Information Navigator" -- with a small business and internet emphasis – and she took like a duck-to-water when involved with collecting puzzle pieces for competitive intelligence, internet research projects, and marketing reports.

After that experience, and with a burning business idea, she was a Founder and CEO of a software development company, OnLine Technologies, and is intimately familiar with what it takes to “try” to turn dreams into tangible reality except when one has to bootstrap the company and operate without anticipated venture capital. 

(Long story. One heck of an E-ticket experience.)

Later, she served as a Director of Sales and Marketing for a CD-ROM start-up company (PDSC) partly owned by SONY (and Gary Kildall from Digital Reseach/KnowledgeSet... the CP/M pioneer that Bill Gates stole the IBM account from... so the rest is PC history... and now we have to live with Microsoft and software security loop-holes... unless we embrace Apple.  BTW, I love my iPad!).

(Another techy experience with lots of stories embedded.)

Then, as a marketing consultant to both Apple Computers and Microsoft, she had to get special dispensation to work with both companies – under non-disclosure agreements – simultaneously.

To wrap… Diane’s marketing, communications, and related work experience includes...

  • Implementing Challenging Marketing Projects
  • Strategic Marketing/Development/Planning
  • Competitive Intelligence Research/Analysis
  • Consultive Sales/Contract Negotiations
  • Web Design/Content Development
  • Small Business Start-ups/Reorganization
  • Image Enhancement
  • Publications Design/Development/Layout
  • Training Software/Hardware End-User
  • Media/Press/Public Relations Communications
  • New Product Development
  • Special Event/Workshop Planning/Organization
  • Public Speaking/Presentations
  • Financial/Budget/Project Management
  • Computer Imaging
  • Email Marketing  

There is more, but that's enough to get the point across...  (i.e. I can do stuff... and figure out things).


Formal Education...

M.B.A. Management, Pepperdine University
B.A. English/California Standard Secondary Teaching Credential, Humboldt State University


Interests/Abilities/Life-Long Learning...

  • Computer Imaging ~ And Related "Visioning Tools"
  • Architecture and Sacred Geometry
  • Eco-Home Remodeling
  • Natural Buildings
  • Green Building and Beyond Design Ideas
  • Design and Creation of Personalized Sacred Spaces
  • Green Home Lifestyles
  • Transition Towns
  • Sacred Gardens
  • Feng Shui Practitioner
  • Space Clearing Consulting (Shifing The Energy Of Space & Place To Higher Vibrations)
  • Aromatherapy and Exceptional Essential Oils (Sold by John Steele and Lifetree Aromatix)
  • Consciousness and Technology
  • 3D Worlds
  • Information Navigation
  • Blogs, Blogging, Online Forums, and eCommunities
  • Internet Research and Analysis
  • Metaphysics
  • Angels, Devas, Elves, and Faeries
  • Beyond The Other Side
  • Helping Earth-Bound Spirits "Shift" Onward
  • Edible Gardens & Landscape Designs
  • Luminescent Interiors Design
  • Living A Luminous Life
  • Developing Healing, Learning and Creativity Centers
  • Creating Heaven On Earth or a Hevenly Earth (Wherever One Can)
  • Ojai Valley Green Coalition (Member of the Building & Construction Council, and the Food & Agriculture Council, Culinary Club, and Grow Food Party Crews, and update their website.)

And growing. 


Finally, when it's eventually developed - mid-2012?? - you are welcome to visit another of the DJSquire Designs websites: sacredspaces.com


 Thanks for visiting!

~~~ Diane


Website: djsquiredesigns.com  (You're here... you already know that!)

Facebook Page: facebook.com/DJSquireDesigns