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Blog Post: Why I spend too much on coffee...

Make mine a latte!

An Ojai friend, Jodi Womack, makes a good case for allocating a generous latte budget under client advertising and business networking...

Blog Post: Why I spend too much on coffee

"Yesterday, we talked about the “Latte Factor.” He estimated that 40% of his business comes from people seeing him around town! Folks see him and say, “Oh yeah, I was just thinking of calling you…”
Imagine that for a moment… 40% of your business coming from enjoying lattes, eating out for lunch and hanging out at happy hour."

Some final pointers from her blog post...

Here’s my spin on 7 benefits of “Jodi’s Latte Factor”:

  1. Going to the coffeeshop gets me up, showered, and dressed for the day. (No working in my PJ’s all day for me!)
  2. I see what’s new in the world; skim a few newspapers, post to Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter on my phone.
  3. I get introduced to people I might not otherwise socialize with. (*Note: this works both ways. Sometimes I work on building stronger boundaries…)
  4. I share what events I have scheduled, talk about my business, hand out business cards, and listen to their questions.
  5. I schedule back-to-back-to back meetings there. (*Super efficient: I save tons of time by not driving all over town.)
  6. I’m visible and in person, in an otherwise virtual company.
  7. I caffeinate!

So, consider adding some public appearances to your morning routines. Build in a little latte time and a budget, and see if it creates some new business connections.



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