2D vs 3D Comparison...

Created this project with 2D imaging:

Before Photo - House & Pool


After "Image" - House & Pool


Before Photo - Fire pit & Pool


After "Image" - Fire pit & Pool


Which is fun to compare against another imager's 3D model on YouTube:


2D Photo Gallery for project:



Travertine Mart - Online Visualizer...

Rather interesting little tool to look at Travertine:


Online Decorative Concrete Imaging Software...

Depiction Software press release about the Deco-Con Wizard (a simple online imaging software for decorative concrete):,depiction-software-llc-the-decorative-concrete-industry-has-been-waiting-for-this-tool-for-years


The Decorative Concrete industry has been waiting for this tool for years.

by Depiction Software LLCDecember 30, 2011

The Deco-Con Wizard is an easy to use online imaging program that enables individuals to upload photographs of a specific outdoor space and with just a few clicks of the mouse,

The Decorative Concrete industry has been waiting for this tool for years.

Now it’s here!

Depiction Software, the leader of computer imaging and estimating software for the decorative concrete industry, is proud to announce a new tool to help manufacturers and distributors sell decorative concrete with an Online Visualization tool.

The Problem:

Many times home owners have a difficult time being able to visualize the difference that decorative concrete will make in their outdoor space. This can make it challenging for contractors who are not only trying to explain the visual difference between finishes, but also have the home owner be invested in the construction process.

At Depiction Software, the solution to this problem seemed incredibly obvious. Our goal, was to create a state of the art computer software program that was not only easy to use and navigate for the contractor, but would also give the homeowner remarkable photographs of their property with different finishes of decorative concrete. By showing the homeowner what the finished product will look like, it eliminates the any fear or apprehension the homeowner may have regarding choosing the wrong finish.

The Deco-Con Wizard is an easy to use online imaging program that enables individuals to upload photographs of a specific outdoor space and with just a few clicks of the mouse, be able to see the difference decorative concrete makes in the outdoor space. The Deco-Con Wizard easily defines the surface area that is desired to be altered, and with a few clicks, individuals can choose from a large library of colors, finishes and textures and have the selected finish applied to the space.

The Deco-Con Wizard program renders the user customized images for various types of Decorative concrete material such as: stamped concrete, stencils, overlays, acid stains, exposed aggregates, paint chips, tile, stone veneers, stamped asphalt, hardwood floors, artificial turf and interlocking pavers. Essentially, any type of flat surface is available for you to demonstrate to your clients in The Deco-Con Wizard imaging program.

The Deco-Con Wizard program is not only simple to use, but it also serves as a powerful sales generation tool for contractors. As the owner of the program, you have the option to allow homeowners to log in on your website and create their own unique projects. Homeowners accept to the terms of using the program which requires them to enter their email address – this email address can then be captured and the contractor is then able to follow up with individuals who have expressed interest in Decorative Concrete. These leads can be forwarded to dealers and contractors.

In addition, The Deco-Con Wizard program can be altered and modified to match the aesthetics of your company’s website. Because the interface can be easily modified, this flexibility enables the contractor to add new products or remove products that are discontinued or no longer offered within minutes.

Deco-Con Wizard Benefits

• Program is Internet-Based – a Java Application – Nothing for Users to Download
• Customized Landing Page with Videos and Instructions

• New Customers/Users Are Required to Sign-up to Use the Program (Which Allows Manufacturers To Collect Potential Customer Email Addresses)
• Help Wizard: Including Step-By-Step Written Instructions and A Help Video To Watch
• Quickly Locate and Load Photo From User’s Computer
• Easy-to-Use Definition Tools: Crop Image (with Preview), Straight Lines, Curves, etc.
• Ability to Apply Different Textures/Colors, Scale, Rotate Pattern, Zoom In and Out, and add Borders
• Automatically Creates Side-By-Side Before and “After” Image to Compare Changes
• Lists a Manufacturer’s Surface and Border Product Patterns & Colors Used in the Image

• User can Send Email or Print Image or Even Save the Project to Return to it at a Later Time
• Deco-Con Wizard Links Back to Multiple Options on a Manufacturer’s Website so Customers are Reminded to Get a Brochure, Find a Dealer, Etc.
• Password Protected Administrative Control Panel: Shows Data Collected In Program, Customer Email, Before & After Images, Product & Border Patterns/Colors Used, Date Created – All Data Can Be Exported To Excel For Further Analysis

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Contact Information

Name: Depiction Software LLC
Company: Depiction Software LLC
Telphone: 817-579-9968

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