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What’s It All About?

Sustainability… Sacred Spaces… Transition Towns… Going Green… Greener… Greenest...  and Re-embracing common sense. 

See a work-in progress 3D VisionScape imaging design project at: "Eco-Friendly Outdoor Spaces - Continued" and "Eco-Friendly Outdoor Spaces"

Although we don’t personally have much control over the global economic situation, or climate changes, financial flip flops, or beyond our own environmental issues, we do have tangible choices to make on a local level.  All change starts with a choice.  A decision.  To do and be more.  To create community.  To make a difference where you can.  To design your own slice of heaven on earth.


Go Greener!


Going green isn’t just a color.  It’s a mindset.  Another choice on the pathway towards increased health and wellbeing. 


Going “light” green (baby steps)…Is and easy commitment to purchase and use non-toxic cleaning products; to replace conventional incandescent lights with compact-florescent or LED light bulbs to reduce your energy footprint; to install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators; to wash clothes in cold water; to turn off lights; to unplug cell phones and personal electronics when charged; to save water; to recycle/reuse; go shopping with your own grocery bags; and more. 


Going “medium” green (walking the talk)…Translates into to eating organic produce purchased at local farmer’s markets; or putting in your own vegetable garden; learning canning and safe food storage techniques; lowering your water heater temp or, better yet, getting a tankless water heater; installing dual-flush toilets; investing in a whole house energy audit and plugging up leaks, weather stripping, replacing ancient single-pane and leaky windows; purchasing products with less packaging; repainting rooms with low or no VOC paints; trading in your gas-guzzling SUV for a hybrid car, ride-sharing, using public transit, or riding your bicycle; working from home; and beyond.


More and more intrepid souls are going a “deeper” green (a giant leap for mankind)…Becoming a “locavore” and eating only locally grown foods; constructing homes using local and natural building materials (rocks, earth, adobe, cob) and/or sustainably harvested wood; designing home remodels to take advantage of cradle-to-cradle green products, recycled lumber and building materials; installing solar panels and living off-the-grid; adapting rainwater harvesting methods to store water in the ground or in cisterns; setting up extensive graywater systems; planting trees and replacing lawns with edible, native or climate appropriate plants; developing ocean friendly gardens (for those living in coastal areas); living in a completely non-toxic home; and way more.


In many minds, really “deep” green would entail living like the Amish.