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Picture Your Yard’s Possibilities
Digital Renderings... Computer Imaging Design Ideas...


(Homeowners will enjoy the images too!)


Be sure to also take a look at this New Jersey hardscape/landscape contractor's actual website (Jim Woetzel) that shows off even more Before and After computer imaging projects.

Jim uses the Depiction Software Imaging and Estimating and Night Lighting Software (that we also sell) when bidding almost every job:

Jardin Passion:

NOTE: Mouse over the "Photo Galley" category and then select the "Computer Imaging" tab. Click on any of the thumbnail images and a larger image window will popup. Give it a couple seconds and it will "slideshow" between Jim's Before and After pictures. You can click on "Next" in the upper right-hand area of the larger window to advance to the next set of pictures.

Think what showing various "design ideas" to a customer could do for your sales and increased profitability, not to mention those confused customers who can't quite "get it" with their inability to visualize the possibilities for their own residence.

One thing Jim often does is take pictures -- from all angles -- of his actual installed jobs. He also carries his digital camera in the truck and stops often to take a picture when he sees something that intrigues him while driving down the street. That way, when he needs to show a particular type of retaining wall, or steps, or other "Object" that compliments his design style, he just "lifts" a copy off the photo and puts it right in to the new image he is working on for a potential new customer. (He also saves that copy to a personal object library so he can reuse it in other images later on.)

The software is very flexible that way.

Very cool!