Asked About Concrete Stain "Industry Average" Pricing...

A contractor, who has the Depiction Software Deco-Con Imaging & Estimating products called to ask a question I have no idea how to answer.  However, one can find out by contacting experts and searching for "who" could help. 

Thought the info and links might be useful for other contractors.

~ Diane 

...Looked at The Concrete Network and found this article on...

“Stained Concrete Price”

Concrete Construction asked several contractors what they charge to install acid-etch finishes on floors. Prices vary widely depending on the part of the country, whether the contractor is union or nonunion, and the contractor's reputation in the market. The following are some general price ranges:

Ardex Engineered Cements in Aliquippa, PA

  • Simple stain applications that include cleanup and a final sealer coat and involve minimal slab preparation will cost about $2 to $4 per square foot. Larger projects typically have the lowest square-foot prices.
  • Stain applications with sawcut patterning and different colors between sawed lines cost $4 to $10 per square foot.
  • Applications with sawed patterns and multiple color buildups are priced at about $8 to $15 per square foot.
  • Sandblast stencil work, including stain, cleanup, and sealer applied only to the stenciled area, runs $12 to $25 per square foot of stencil area.


Concrete Construction Magazine


Here is one Concrete Contractor Forum (Concrete Locator) hosted by Elite Crete:


Actual Concrete Locator Forum:



Another option is to contact one of the “experts” at the Concrete Décor Magazine:


Created Seamless Texture Test...

This is a test project for Olsen Pavingstone... 


Before Photo

After Image


Depiction Software created the seamless texture out of a specific paver photo (Infinity I-IV Skiffer, Lemongrass color).  Tested the original paver photo against the seamless texture map:

Seamless Texture Test Image


Cultured Stone CAD Design Tool...

Looks like an interesting little Cultured Stone tool for hardscape designers...

The description reads:

This interactive CAD design tool was created with the Architect / Designer in mind. It will allow you to:

  • Easily view and select product alternatives from our full range of textures and colors.
  • Tour the photo gallery of more than 300 Cultured Stone® applications, catalogued by type of project for easy reference.
  • Print photos and product swatches for material sample boards.
  • Integrate a full range of assets into your design documents including seamless texture maps, vector based hatch patterns, architectural details, and product specifications.
  • View reference material including marketing literature, installation instructions product warranty information and other technical documents.



Article: What Women (Home Buyers) Want...

Thought this was an insightful Builder article... for home builders... during tougher times...


What Women (Home Buyers) Want

A Maine builder has cracked the code to what design elements and thoughtful details hit home with many female buyers.

By: Teresa Burney

February 27, 2012

Key article points:

"...He says men look at a house as a general impression, with their most specific interest being where to put the big-screen TV, while women see the details of its parts. Men look at a house plan with concerns about how they will relax in the house, he says, while women focus on how the family will live in the house and how they will work in it. ..."

So how do you become a women-centric builder? Patterson said it’s not just a matter of making your website pink and building better laundry rooms, though those could be pieces of the puzzle. Patterson said it has to be more holistic than that, involving a complete re-thinking of marketing, sales, and design.

Here are parts of Patco’s success formula.

  • A woman-centric web site. The main page of Patco's website looks somewhat typical, though it does include a lot of photos of happy families and couples, but click on the top button labeled “Woman-Centric” and a pastel peach page pops up that looks like it came out of a women’s magazine. Featured prominently are a section that offers floor plans coded by color to delineate storage, living, and “de-stressing” areas in the plans, the “10 Commandments of Women-Centric Design,” and a women’s magazine-style quiz that determines whether the shopper is a Maggie, Claire, Elise, or Margo and then gives a description of each of the four personality types and suggests floor plans that might appeal to each type.

  • Listening. Showing floor plans isn’t the first thing that Patco sales people do when customers come in. Instead, Patterson said he sits down with customers for 20 minutes or so to find out what they say they are looking for in a new home and to learn some details of the family's lifestyle. Since Patco doesn’t build model homes, this happens in a show room. “We are not trying to close,” said Patterson. “We talk about, What are your needs? What would you like? What would you need? What is your budget? Women will tell you what their budget is.”

  • Show life-improving features not found in resales. These things don’t have to be big things. In fact, one secret to selling to women is that small things make a difference, says Patterson. For instance, a nicer doorbell that costs only a few dollars more than the standard doorbell yet makes a big-buck impression. Patterson’s show room has a series of home items that can make people’s lives easier.

There’s a stop-and-drop area coming in from the garage that offers a place for keys, phone charging, and mail handling. It includes a recycling center underneath so junk mail can be tossed quickly. Patterson said this addresses a big complaint from women about husbands who drop their wallet and keys and mail on the kitchen counter. The stop-and-drop area also has a designated junk drawer, theoretically eliminating the one in the kitchen.

“The junk drawer drives women crazy,” said Patterson. “It’s always a mess and women are always thinking that they need to organize it to make it work for them. We get it out of the kitchen so they don’t have to see it. It is the bane of her existence.”

But it’s not the only bane. Laundry is another big stressor for women. Patco puts laundry rooms near bedrooms with a door that can be closed to get the mess out of sight.

“Many times house plans include the laundry by the rear foyer,” said Patterson. “There is no woman who wants to come home at the end of the day and step over her dirty laundry.”

Another pain point for women is the corner in the kitchen cabinets, especially if it has a lazy Susan that constantly swallows and hides items. (Patterson said he once found 72 packets of lost seasoning mixes in his home corner cabinet.) Patco builds kitchens with open-wire shelving in the corner cabinets to offer a full view of all the contents without digging.

Other storage solutions are also demonstrated in the showroom including a cabinet built between the studs by the toilet that holds reading material in a rack and has a cabinet behind the toilet paper holder to store extra rolls and other items.

Patco also offers a storage solution for personal appliances by turning the fake drawer front on the bathroom cabinet into tilt-front hidden storage for curling irons and other hair appliances and their cords.

“It seems like a little thing. It is a little thing,” said Patterson. But such attention to detail makes a big impact, he says, “when somebody sees it and they think, ‘Wow, these folks have actually thought about stuff like that.’ That is the whole secret of woman-centric design, that we have thought about things like that.”

Full Article...


HOA Homeowner's Association 2D Imaging Project...

Many times, before contractors can install a paver project, the customer's HOA needs to "see" proposed changes before they can say yes...

Before Photo - Steps


After "Image" - Steps


Before Photo - Backyard


After "Image" - Backyard

See the complete recent Irvine HOA project -- about 6 to 7 options -- plus plans and an earlier "Wrought Iron" Steps project that actually did get approved and was installed

(Added finished installation photos.)

Photo Gallery... HOA HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION - Projects

Also uploated on my... Facebook Page (under Photos).


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