Workshops: Naturally Building Your Nest (Play In The Mud!!!)

This is a series of workshops, in Ojai CA, offered by friends.  I've attended before and it's great!





Play In The Mud!!!

Naturally Building Your Nest Carolyn Marie Hernandez and Carrie Campbell present...


Naturally Building Your Nest, is a workshop series designed to support your empowerment to create IN-spired, healthy space and build community.  Learn to design, resource, build, and organize support for your “Nest” whether it be a playhouse, office space, fairy garden room, reorganizing a conventional space, sauna, etc.  Building experience is NOT a prerequisite!  Your building project could coincide with the teaching project.  Consultation will be available to assist your progress as well as resourcing community support. 

These workshop experiences are offered to support the journey of being a co-creator of life. (Workshops are not exclusive to women, but will be grounded in the feminine principles of BEING as we DO, INTUITIVE IN-SPIRATION, SACRED INTENTION, etc.)


PLAY IN THE MUD  -  Saturday, September 10th  -  10-2  -  $30.00

A one-day hands-on experience to wake-up your natural connection to the earth. Come and playfully join us in connecting with local natural building materials and methods.  See what’s possible!  Activities will aid in creating a model to further develop your own natural building project, or just develop your vision for potential projects. ** 

Consider also attending the 4-day workshop... or... just Saturday and/or Sunday... (call for further details)...

COB/EARTHEN WALL SYSTEMS  -  October 27th THRU 30th  -  10-4  DAILY  -  $177.00

In this four-day workshop, we will explore the basics of several earthen building techniques.  This hands-on/feet-on project will focus on hand-sculpting walls, door and window installations, for an earthen playhouse.  It is designed to empower you to create your own playhouse, office, garden room, bench, etc.   The workshop covers topics such as permaculture principles, local resourcing, IN-visioning, theory, building and code concerns, materials choices, and design ideas. We will playfully open to our deeper longing for NEST, connecting as part of nature, creating community bonds, and more.  (Resource materials included.) 

EARTHEN OVEN WORKSHOP  -  October 22nd & 23rd  -  10-5  DAILY  -  $70.00

Come join us for a 2-day workshop to learn the craft of building an outdoor, wood-fired bread/pizza oven.  An earth (cob) oven and  can be made very simply and beautifully from inexpensive, recycled, and locally available natural materials.  Building an earth oven can reconnect you to the joys of baking fresh homemade bread outdoors and ignite your creativity through a gentle introduction to the art of natural building.  We will end the workshop on Sunday with a Pizza Party, firing up our new oven!



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**The playhouse project will continue from the ground up, foundation to roof.  

Ceremony will begin the process and complete it. We all have gifts to bring into the design and build process and we will call these up as we go, both collaborating and summoning the uniqueness of our creative selves!


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